Lingerie essentials for your next trip


Wherever you are heading, be it alone or with that special someone, you want to feel and look your best and return with beautiful memories. Here’s a roundup of all the lingerie you must have in your suitcase before you put a lock on it and are headed towards the airport.


Lacey, colorful and minimal. Bralettes take up less space whether you choose to wear them underneath your stunning outfits or on their own. They look beautiful and are super comfortable.

Check out our jasmine bralette to look and feel as stunning as ever. This sexy bralette can also be your Honeymoon lingerie, if you prefer something beautiful yet comfy.


Panties come in a number of shapes, sizes and styles. Be it lacey and delicate, hight-waist, shorts or simple cotton panties, pack the ones that you are most comfortable in and make sure you pack plenty because you can always wear the bra you’ve worn once, but no one wants to repeat the panties unless they are washed. Our pack of 7 underwear is an amazing product to invest in just after you’re done booking your tickets.

Exciting Lingerie:

Don’t forget to pack diverse lingerie. Something that’s exciting enough to spice things up for you whether you choose to wear it to impress your partner or just to enjoy and celebrate your body, carrying sexy lingerie is never a bad idea. From Margaret teddy to lacey push up bras, we have it all, check out and order away before the stock runs out.


If you want to rest after that long day of travelling or when you just want to watch Netflix and chill, some cozy nightwear or loungewear can do wonders. Buy our summer vibes shorts set or symphony silk robe set with primrose kimono & slip, as they both take up lesser space and look chic as well.

Ultimate comfort

To roam around the city, or a mall or anywhere you believe would take up most of your time, the first thing you need to be sure of is that you’re wearing something super comfy and easy underneath so you can remain hassle free the entire time. Our Diana teddy is an ideal undergarment when you are on the go.

Besides teddies, our stardust pushup bras are also a perfect choice when you want an enhanced look and want to feel at easy at the same time.

Lingerie Wash

Ever thought what would you do if your lingerie caught a stain on the trip? Well, you won’t have to worry about it if you plan ahead and remember to take a gentle lingerie wash with you. It will not only save you the hassle of washing your favorite lingerie with regular soap (that never works for stains) but will also let you use a lot of your lingerie again on the same trip.

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