the women of Pakistan have taken a deep breath as they sit back on their couch and order from Floraison Intimate.

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Good Quality Lingerie & Bra Sets are rare to find in Pakistan . Here in Pakistan most women used to buy from abroad or wait for relatives and friends to visit from overseas with their lingerie but now within a year, the women of Pakistan have taken a deep breath of peace as they sit back on their couch and order from Floraison Intimate.

It's easy to select items and discuss with the customer representative team who guides each and every customer with every minute detail about the fit, fabric, product and find their size. Not only explain them but also give customers a facility to have a virtual bra fitting session with the design expert team as tutorials are given on how to measure your bra size. There is no shame to know your correct size and knowing your breast type. We as a nation lack basic knowledge of inner wear and our correct size. Initially the brand started conversations with the customers to ask different questions regarding what kind of bra sets, underwear and lingerie they want. 

Initially many women were uncomfortable talking about it and when Floraison’s team raised a question, do you know what your size is ? Around 70% of the women stated that we don't know , we have been wearing the same size bras for years. This is where the brand felt that our women needed to be educated because it's a basic necessity of wearing undergarments. If you don't know your right size then how will you be comfortable?

Florasion Intimate started educating their customers about the correct sizes, what type of bras should be worn under which garment, which colour will go with which outfit, how to measure your size, how to fold your lingerie, Women's Underwear and Bra Sets. The way we all love our clothes and we know which type of clothes needs to be hand washed, machine washed. This is how as a brand, women were being educated via videos, live sessions, social media posts which later on became so interactive that customers started to relate and follow the videos and realized that this is life changing for their Lingerie & Sexy Bra Sets

Women are now more confident and come upfront and discuss their problems related to it, and ask what they need to know. Floraison Intimate gives a secure platform to all its customers to talk about it , to discuss without any shame and help them understand which is their basic right.

TRY & BUY SERVICE which means customers can order their desired products in respective sizes, rider will drop the parcel at your doorstep and customers could try all the lingerie & bras except the underwear (due to hygienic issues), although all our underwear have hygienic stickers on the crotch but the brand doesn't allows its customers to try the underwear, whereas customers try bras and lingerie and whatever they like they can keep & pay and rest can be returned. 

On the other hand women who are not sure about their sizes  can order and try different sizes with the help of Floraison’s Team Specialist and can check which size gives them the support and comfort. This platform is given to customers by only one Pakistani brand Floraison Intimate as no other brands provide such facility. 

Influencers play an important part in customers' lives as all follow and re-share their views. Floraison Intimate is raising its bar by collaborating with different influencers and providing a platform with them to create awareness about the brand, product quality & designs and on the other hand educating them about the right fit and right size. A brand who knows how to make its customers comfortable. 

Floraison Intimate is the only Pakistani Lingerie Brand which introduced the concept of Donating the Bras to people in need. Many charitable organizations have been encouraged to accept the idea of donations of bras to help the needy. The main purpose is to help our sisters to feel supported. A reminder for all to make this world a better place to live and to help others. The brand is collecting new or gently used bras to help support them. To encourage the customers a reward worth 2000/- in Loyalty Reward Points is also given to the customers to support the cause.


We live in a society where people are being mocked and judged. Many women do not have the courage to step forward and ask. For the rise in societal issues, Floraison Intimate the first Pakistani Lingerie & Undergarments Brand decided to step forward and be the voice for all women and started a Campaign of BREAKING CHAINS (#AOOBAATKARAIN), via social media forums they encouraged its customers to come forward anonymously and tell what issues they are facing or have faced. Being the voice of the customers , Brand raised those issues and gave a suitable solution to it and encouraged others to pour in their ideas of the problems. This way many women were happy and came forward and discussed their “Dil Ki Baat” without being judged.

A brand can be customers best friend if they know customers preferences, likes & dislikes. Every collection is made with love & affection so that customers feel comfort and support. There is a huge variety of product range available to shop such as Bra Sets which also have Push Up Bra Sets, Wireless Bra Sets, Lacy Bra Sets, Plus Size Bra Sets, a whole new range of maternity which includes mama underwear, Maternity Bras with seamless smooth vanishing back . Maternity jersey robes and maternity jersey pajama sets to support the belly and help in nursing new-borns. Jersey is specifically used because it's soft, stretchable which gives the space for mommies to move and to stay comfortable.

Other product categories which come under the brand are Underwear. The most sexy and comfortable range panties for women in all the styles you desire for every occasion. Floraison Women's Panties are comfortable cotton Hipsters, Hip huggers with lace detailing, Brazilians, Cheekies, Seamless Underwear, Thongs, Full coverage underwear and high waisted underwear for all shapes and sizes. Floraison have introduced super comfortable Packs of Women's Underwear in best affordable price. New and innovative technology in underwear are also being introduced such as  moisture absorbing honeycomb wicking material which means it will absorb all the sweat and will keep you dry and comfortable throughout. These seamless underwear are eco-friendly & sustainable with no visible panty lines. As mentioned earlier all the products are being made to provide the ultimate comfort and support.

Floraison Intimate introduces Sexy Lingerie with variety in fabric like butter soft silk, net & lace. Every 2 months a new collection comes in with a high rise in demand for lingerie and colours. Brand caters sexy and Beautiful Lingerie for all the sizes and shapes so that plus sizes don't feel the boredom of basic lingerie & colours. Lingerie includes baby dolls, silk robes, slips and teddies also known as body shapers. The best feature or quality about Floraison teddy/shaper is that it doesn't cinch the waist but it gives a perfect curve to your body which is not risking your health just like minimisers do and brand highly discourages anything which makes you slim and compromise on your health as Floraison Intimate is all about body positivity and self love.

Brand emphasis on all the categories which makes a woman beautiful and relaxed . For instance, the brand states that sleeping in a boring pyjama set does not justify your beautiful sleep whereas Floraison Intimate is offering you with a huge variety of sleepwear, comfortable & Cosy Sleepwear for all the ladies to have a perfect and a pleasant sleep. We have Pyjamas, Shorts, Robes & etc. Buy Comfortable Women's Nightwear Online in Pakistan. 

A whole range can be comfortable and relaxing if you have the right size and super soft fabric which is a guarantee. Say Hello to your sweet dreams with the most relaxing and super soft fabric with lace detailing and a perfect easy fit

Floraison Intimate provides the best quality fabric with soft cotton blend and butter smooth silk. We have a variety of stretchable fabric so that you can easily relax and have fun with your cosy dreams. A boring sleepwear does not justify that you wake up fresh, a perfect fresh morning depends on how you are sleeping and having a joyful sleep in our comfortable sleepwear collection.

Find yourself cute and sexy in our nightwear and flaunt yourself in the prettiest way because a happy soul makes life happy . We try to add new variety to our sleepwear section so that you can have great options for your sleepover wardrobe and can have an amazing feel for the whole look.

Where lingerie and intimate wear are concerned, Floraison has a diversity of products. Diversity in product range to satisfy customers desires for outerwear / clothing.

Shop for the latest trends and style . Discover our range for denim jackets, jeans and outerwear for every shape & size. Floraison Intimate offers quality, design and fashionable clothing at affordable prices. 

A Fashion Destination for online shopping which makes life much easier for all to shop in just one click. Shop our Knitted Dresses for winter breeze, our matching Apple Butter co-ord Sets, denim shirts, and cute sleeveless tops to pair with stylish Denim Jackets.

We got a variety for Women's Dresses and winter wear .For fashion followers who want to stay on trend. It's modern clothing for women.

Floraison Intimate is an online forum for all the women and men to shop for their loved ones. A Western Wear Brand amongst youngsters because all want bright colours with fast fashion changing trends.

A promise to customers for the high end quality, luxurious fabric with affordability and pocket friendly and this is why we are giving many pleasing reasons to buy from Floraison Intimate. A go-to online place for all.

An easy way out for shopping from anywhere in Pakistan . It's just one click away from ordering your desired bra sets and lingerie at affordable prices.

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