Is Your Bra Taking Its Last Breath?

When was the last time you got a New Bra for yourself?

If the answer is ‘6 months ago’ then it’s definitely time to invest in some new bras. Experts suggest that you should replace your undergarments after every 6 to 8 months, as frequent rough washes, natural wear & tear, weight changes and a number of other factors have a direct impact on their life no matter how much you care for them.

Want to be more clear on when is it the right time to get New Undergarments, following are some signs you can look out for.

  1. Uncomfortable Underwire

One sign that your bra is about to expire is those deadly underwire poking out and making their way into your sensitive skin. They come out again after sometime even if you try to fix them by sewing that particular area.

Our secret crush underwired minimizer is an ideal, non-padded lace bra to invest in. 

  1. Not your ‘cup’ of tea

If there’s a lot of gap between your breasts and the bra cup, OR, when your breasts seem to bulge out of the bra cups, then this indicates that your bra is not your perfect size. Wearing a wrong size cup feels quite uncomfortable and doesn’t give you a smooth, curved look when you wear your regular clothes on top of it.

Floraison’s sassy bliss bra set is at 40% discount. A Padded Pushup Bra set with elegant lace detailing and soft underwire cups. Gives you a firm support and perfect look.

  1. Stretched Beyond the limits

When you wear a bra, its normal for its back to stretch out. But this stretch increases overtime and the band doesn’t fit your chest appropriately. It makes your breast look saggy and gives a loose feeling even on the tightest hook. 

Our pumpkin spice bra is an ultra-soft Comfortable Wireless Bra with contour cups that give you perfect shape and support. It’s now available at almost 50% discount. Check out now!

  1. Drop shoulder strap

Is your bra step sliding down your shoulder, often? Then it’s one of the signs it’s time to invest in a new bra.

If you are looking for something pretty yet comfortable, then our precious possession set is a perfect choice. A gorgeous, sheer, soft lace bra and soft underwire cups. Finished with elegant lace details on straps and paired with a matching silk waist band, sheer net panty with cotton lining on crotch. Now available at 40% discount!

  1. Fabric tearing

Do you see small hair like threads popping out of your bra band? Or the spandex peeling off? Then it’s a sign that your bra is dead and no longer doing its job.

  1. Color Fade

If your bra is losing its color or the fabric appears dirty then it’s time to head to the bra store!

Looking for color options in a bra? Our stardust bra is available at 60% off. Comes in 3 different colors, our stardust bra is underwired padded pushup bra with floral lace detailing, supports and enhances your cleavage and gives the perfect shape with no side bulging. Shop Now!

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