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Life is too short to wear boring Lingerie or Bra Set Online in Pakistan. A woman should feel happy, relaxed and joyful when she wears something on her body. A bra is a woman's best friend because a bra supports the boobs perfectly by giving coverage to it and keeping it in shape. A woman cannot be comfortable if the bra is not soft or breathable because it will create itchy, redness and sweat on the skin. Floraison Intimate new collection “FOREVER JOY” is a perfect blend of comfortness because it provides the best comfort, support and hold up the shape. 

This collection is crafted in the UK, with the most beautiful designs and colors, available in different sizes for all the women to feel happy in the Bra Online Shopping in Pakistan.

There is a huge variety of the products with different specifications and colors. Its soft underwire, light padding make it distinguish from other products to make it stand out amongst other collections. It's summer! Boobs get sweaty and it's difficult to bear the bra that is why this collection has a seamless smooth back due to which the shape won't be reflected through shirts or fitted garments and utmost soft fabric used for bra and panties, the net used in the bra is also lightly underlined with the soft fabric so that it won't create irritation on the skin. 


It's the most comfy, restful and Comfortable Bra Set with no underwire, it's mostly an unlined bra made up of lace and cotton. The main feature in a bralette is that the boobs are in breathing space without any wire for support. Bralette has gained a lot of popularity in the short span of time because of wire free, unlined Bra Sets which gives ultra softness and comfort for the boobs.

The collection have different bralettes which are comfy for everyday use, paired with matching panties and sizes available upto 38C. Some bralettes have effortlessly attractive textured front giving sexy and sultry curves. If the climate is hot ,bralettes are way more comfortable because of the fabric due to which its more breathable and less slightly to stick to the body. It comes in different colors and designs .The best part is bralettes have vanishing backs which means no shape of bralette is visible underneath the shirt or a dress. There are few questions which mostly women ask while shopping 

Sometimes customers are confused between a bra and a bralette and many have asked the following questions mentioned below. 

lady is sleeping with bralettes


What is the difference between a Bra & a Bralette?

Here is a simple and easy answer that the basic difference between bra and bralette is that bralettes are less structured , non padded and non wire bras. It can be slightly underlined because of the fabric, whereas bras can be padded, underwire and underlined because of the fabric, so if any women is looking for the support with a little push to the boobs then bra is perfect for you and if a women is looking for a bra with no underwire and no padding then shop the bralettes as it also gives support and make you help to flaunt your curves.

black designer bralettes by floraison


What is the purpose of the Bralette?

The main purpose of the bralette is that it is comfortable ,because when you take off a bra at the end of the day you feel relieved, so the bralette works exactly the same way, you can easily roam in it and even women who don't wish to take off their bra while sleeping and need an extra support then bralette is ideal for it. Another aspect of bralette is fashion. Some women tend to wear bralette as a top and it tends to be a less formal type of clothing.

girl wearing designer bralettes in orange color

Do Bralette cause Sagging?

The answer is simply no- the bralettes never cause sagging, it supports the boobs and as long as boobs are supported by the fabric so it prevents sagging. 

Soft Under-wire Bra Sets

Some Bra Sets have soft underwire, to beat the summer heat, because it won’t make any red marks under the boob for the support. Soft Underwire Bra sets have vanishing backs which means no shape is visible underneath. There are many questions which have arouse for the underwire bra sets as 

Why do bras have Underwire? 

The answer is very simple, underwire bras are those that provide additional lift to your boobs and give great support. The soft underwire usually focuses on the comfort and the lift. It will be as soft as any other bra if the under-wire's material is good, which Floraison Intimates can assure about the fabric softness and material.

black bra with underwire by floraison

The main purpose of wearing a bra or a bralette is to give you support and please you with the comfort.. The fit that gives you perfect shape is important. To make yourself happy and excited check the new collection “FOREVER JOY” and enjoy the feel of it. We assure that you won't forget the softness and smoothness of the fabric and the beauty of the designs.

Floraison Intimate is a one stop shop for all the good comfort Bra Brands in Pakistan and Lingerie for the perfect fit.

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