Different Types of Bras for Different Breasts Shapes

Floraison has different styles of Bras for every category like Padded, Non-Padded, Pushup Bra, Wired & Non-Wired. There are almost 38 plus designs in Floraison’s Bra Collection.

A complete guide of bras and which bra is suitable for different types of breasts shapes and gives perfect fit underneath which dress.

1-Padded Bras

 A padded bra is made with padded cups or has an opening pocket inside the cups to insert pads .The main purpose is to create a smooth look with no visible nipples shape. It enhances your chest area by adding volume and giving them a round and a fuller cup . Padded bras come in both underwired & non-wired bras.

 Best For

-All Breast types

-Can wear with any outfit

-Perfect for dailywear

2-Non-Padded Lace Bras

Underwire non-padded Bra Sets are beautifully crafted French Lacy Bra Sets with sheer softness and underwire cups. Whether you want to give your breasts a gentle lift or added support, an underwire bra is a blessing. An underwire bra enhances your natural beauty with additional contoured cups and perfect for round shape breasts. Floraison Intimate have a gorgeous collection of underwire bras in different colors, designs and sizes with an aim to provide ultimate comfort with beauty to your breasts.

Best For

-All Breast types especially for round shaped breasts.

            -Perfect with t-shirts , light fabric outfits and body hugging outfits

            -You can wear them everyday.

3-Pushup Bras

To enhance your breasts and to give perfect support, Buy Pushup Bras from one of the Best Push-Up Bra Store in Pakistan. It comes in a variety of designs and colors. They are padded and padding also comes in two variations of light padding and heavy padding. The majority of women have the perception that pushup bras are only for small breasts but it's a myth, pushup bras give a gentle lift to your bust.

Push-up bras are known for their support for all types of breasts like east & west breasts, bell shape, round & asymmetrical breasts. The padding inside such bras is usually made up of foam or intact with pads to support the breast and enhance the volume. 

Our Pushup bras feature adjustable straps, back closure, underwire, Cotton Lined Cups. These kinds of bras are perfect with any dress like Saari, Lehenga Choli, Kurtas. Push-up bras are best for East-West type of breasts as they will help gather your breasts to the front of your chest

Best For

-East-West Breasts , Asymmetrical , Saggy & Small Breasts

-Can wear under any kurta and any outfit .

-Perfect for dailywear

4- T-Shirt Bras or Non Wired Bras

T-Shirt Bras are non-wired, underlined bras that give the perfect support and coverage to breasts without any irritation and redness. T-Shirt Bras give good shape without any bulges or side spillage of skin.It creates a smooth silhouette. These T-Shirt Bras are comfortable and supportive. It comes in a variety of colors and designs. These are everyday worn bras and very lightweight.It's the best choice if you are looking for a modest and perfectly smooth fit.Some of the T-shirts and wireless bras are designed with a vanishing back which means nothing to show when you are wearing the right size with the right designed bras.

Best For

-Suitable for all Breasts types especially Bell Shape Breasts ,

-Good to go with all outfits

-Perfect for dailywear. 


Bralettes are in fashion, worn inside or as outerwear, it's beautiful both ways. It is  lightweight and adorned with fine European lace. It's so gorgeous that you flaunt it anywhere with any outfit. Floraison Intimate introduces different designs and colors in bralette, with two different features of bralette with hooks & without hooks. It's super gorgeous and comfortable for everyday use.

Best For

-All Breast types

-Can be worn as a blouse for saree , or worn as an outerwear on a top

-Perfect for summer wear , loungewear , parties.

6-Multiway Bra

Multi bras are always a hit because it serves a lot of multiway purposes to one single bra . It has detachable straps. This bra is a combination of many bras as you can wear it with one strap , two straps , halter , criss-cross , cross shoulder and even strapless.

Best For

-All Breast types

            -Can be worn under deep cut necklines , backless , off shoulder dresses

            -You can wear them everyday , in gym & on festive occasions.

7-Strapless Bra

A strapless bra is made with underwired cups and silicon lining which prevents the bra cups from slipping down . Such types of bras have side boning for extra support to your breast . It's best for off shoulder outfits .

Best For

-All Breast types

            -Perfect for low cut necklines , off shoulder outfits & body hugging outfits

            -You can wear them in parties

8-Nursing Bras

Nursing Bras, also known as feeding and Maternity Bras, are special kinds of Bras Solution that provide unconditional support during the pregnancy. Nursing bras have discreet clips that can be easily opened and closed for breastfeeding the child. A mother should be buying the Maternity Bras and Nursing Bras when she is in the third trimester of pregnancy because at that time women's bodies are changing rapidly and she needs complete support to be comfortable. Ideally, you should have at least 3 Nursing Bras because you can wear one, wash one and keep one ready. Nursing Bra Size should be perfect because too tight can cause pain and so as too loose, the most important thing is to be comfortable and relax with the baby while nursing your baby. Nursing bras or Maternity Bras in Pakistan are easily accessible now because Floraison Intimate provides Nursing Bras that have cups that unclip from straps to give you convenient access when you need to pump or nurse. Maternity Bras are crafted with soft and breathable cotton fabric that provides comfort throughout the day. They also have an inner lining that protects the breasts even in case of chafing.

Best For

-Pregnancy & post pregnancy

            -Perfect with any outfit

            -For Daily use .

9-Demi Bras

Demi means half cup or half size bra . The bra covers less area of the breast and specifically covers the nipple area . It works best under low neckline outfits . It's sexy and you feel good in it . Ideally it's best for smaller breast sizes.

Best For

-For Bell Shaped , round & saggy breasts shape

            -Perfect with any outfit

            -You can wear them everyday.


10-Full Coverage Bras

Full coverage or plus sizes bras got fuller cups and broader side coverage. It is designed with  removable pads which support the shape and prevent it from breast sagging. We have sizes from A cups to G cups. For our brand all bodies and sizes are beautiful and everybody deserves to have ultimate comfort and ease. A Bra that gives extra support and perfect fit for your shape. These bras prevent side spillage and give a much more flattering figure.

Best For

-For  Large, Bell Shaped & Round Breast shape

-Perfect with any outfit , dress or top .

            -You can wear them everyday or as per convenience.

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