Different Lingerie Looks for Valentine's Day

Lingerie Looks for Valentine's Day in Pakistan

To hit all the high notes, Floraison Intimate brings its utmost Beautiful Lingerie Collection of Valentine’s Special Collection which includes gorgeously Crafted Lingerie, Bodysuits & Bra Sets along with some sexy and cute Valentine’s Underwear.

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We have found the Best Lingerie for you to make your day special and memorable in the Sexy, cute, sultry Valentine’s Day Lingerie Collection.

Lace Pushup Bra Set

Our Lace Pushup Bra Set is a perfect piece to make you feel confident and sexy. Its floral detailed French Lace on the Bra Set and Panty Set with Padded Cups and crotch makes it standout in our Valentine’s Collection. It is paired with a matching Lacy Panty. Our Pushup bras feature adjustable straps, back closure, underwire, Cotton Lined Cups. These kinds of bras are perfect with any dress like Saari, Lehenga Choli, Kurtas. Push-up bras are best for East-West type of breasts as they will help gather your breasts to the front of your chest.

Sizes Available: 32A-38C

Price: 3500/-

Colors: Red, Creme, Black, Blue & Plum Red


Stardust Bra (Limited Edition)

Floraison Intimate presents a Stardust Limited Edition Bra. It is an underwire pushup bra with floral lace detailing with supported cups and enhances your cleavage and gives the perfect shape with no side bulge. The amazing part is it comes till F cups and it's perfect for east west breast shape types because it will hold your breasts and will give you a perfect uplift. Stardust Valentine’s Bra is a limited edition available in three different colors i.e. is red , black & skin color with lace detailing on the bra cups. A special edition to make your Valentine’s Special because you can wear such types of bras with any outfit. Also a Bra that is available in bigger sizes as well, Floraison Intimate caters all sizes and body .

Sizes Available: 32A-38F

Price: 4500/-

Colors: Red , Skin & Black



Sassy Bliss Bra Set 

A Blissful Bra and Panty Collection for Valentine’s and for all the ladies who want to add spice in their bra-drobe. A Padded Plunge Bra Set with elegant French lace detailing and soft underwire cups. Its padded cups with a perfect uplift and push to your breasts. The best part about Floraison Intimate Lingerie & bra Sets is that every product is unique in its own way and it's different in design. A Bra Set and a panty Set should not be boring but it should be sexy, pretty looking and highly comfortable. These all the features are in Floraison Bra Sets that's why these products are so addictive and attractive. It is paired with matching lace underwear and designed with straps to enhance the looks with mesh fabric and cotton lined  crotch .

Sizes Available: 32B-38D

Price: 4500/-

Colors: Blue, Red , White & Black


Dream Bra

Be in heaven and make your life relaxed by wearing Floraison Intimate's Wireless Bra Valentine’s Collection with our new edit colors of bra for Valentine’s Day. A beautiful, full cup, comfortable wireless bra with removable pads and a vanishing back. Bra cups that give the maximum support and coverage. It is designed for daily wear with eco-friendly fabric. A quality and style that never goes out of style. Dream bra is designed with a multi way that you can easily remove pads. It's straps are adjustable and it gives full coverage with a seamless back. You can easily wear them with a T-shirt Bra and it won't create any bra line and will give you a seamless and smooth front and back . Removable pads in a bra are a blessing because people with asymmetrical breast shapes can easily remove pad from one cup and wear them. It will give the perfect breast shape to both the breasts as it is designed in a way to support asymmetrical breasts shape also.

Sizes Available: M-XXL

Price: 4950/-

Colors: Skin , Plum , Green & Purple


Secret Crush 

Everyone’s latest crush is Floraison Intimate Secret Crush. A plus size Valentine’s Bra for all the beautiful ladies to wear and enjoy these moments. A Valentine’s perfect gift for all the women , gift yourself or get a valentine’s gift and feel beautiful. A gorgeous non padded, underwired Lace Bra with floral details. A full coverage with soft underwire fit. Discover the soft supportive bra that you can wear all day long. It has adjustable straps, soft underwire and gives a smooth fit.

Sizes Available: 32DD-42DD

Price: 3500/-

Colors: Red , Skin , Blue


Diana Lace Teddy 

A woman's best friend is known as Teddies or bodysuits because they give you the perfect curves with uplifted breasts and give a sexy lift to your whole look. Floraison Intimates introduces some new colors on high demand this Valentine’s Day for you to feel utter sexy and gorgeous in Diana Lace Teddy overall look. These are not bodyshapers because the brand emphasizes on body positivity and they feel that every body is beautiful in its own ways and should be accepted proudly rather than having health issues by cinching their waists and damaging the tissues. Teddies are adorned with delicate lace showcasing flirty cutouts. Wear it in your bedroom or stylize it with jeans and a blazer and complete your sexy Valentine’s Diana Lace Teddy look. It gives maximum lift (adds 2 cup sizes) with adjustable straps, underlined pads and adjustable hooks at the crotch area.

Sizes Available: 32B-38D

Price: 6500/-

Colors: Teal, Black , Purple (Limited Edition)


Lace Romance 

Lace Romance is a timeless black, skin & green French Lace Bra Set. It is designed to be worn and stay comfortable and to be loved everyday. A triangle cup bra in shape with scallop style and adjustable straps. A perfect match with a lacy scallop panty with cotton lined crotch. These types of bras can be easily worn by any breast shape but not with round breast shape .

Sizes Available: S , M , L

Price: 3500/-

Colors: Black , Skin , Green


Precious Possession 

Precious Possession is an Underwire Bra Set is a beautifully crafted French Lacy Bra Set with sheer softness and underwire cups. Whether you want to give your breasts a gentle lift or added support, an underwire bra is a blessing. An underwire bra enhances your natural beauty with additional contoured cups and perfect for round shape breasts. Floraison Intimate have a gorgeous Precious Possession Lingerie Collection of underwire bras in different colors, designs and sizes with an aim to provide ultimate comfort with beauty to your breasts. It is finished with elegant lace details on straps and paired with a matching silk waistband, sheer net panty with cotton lining on crotch.

Sizes Available: 32B-42F

Price: 4750/-

Colors: Black , Maroon , Purple


Jasmine Everyday Bralette

Jasmine Everyday Bralettes are in fashion, worn inside or as outerwear, it's beautiful both ways. It is  lightweight and adorned with fine European lace. It's so gorgeous that you flaunt it anywhere with any outfit. Floraison Intimate introduces different designs and colors in bralette, with two different features of bralette with hooks which is “Lace Romance” and bralette without hooks which is “Jasmine Everyday Bralette” .Its gorgeous and comfortable for everyday use.

Sizes Available: S-XXXL

Price: 2750/-

Colors: Black , Teal , Maroon & Blue


Manhattan Pajama Set 3PCS

Celebrate your Valentine’s Day in a style. A style that never goes out of style . Floraison Intimate introduces its butter soft silk pajama sets with bralettes . Wear and Party in it, get luxurious feels and flaunt your style. A button down shirt with long sleeves and matching silk pajamas, paired with beautiful sleep bralette. All the comfort in one outfit. Pajama set with bow tie detailing for the elasticity of waist.

Sizes Available: S, M & L

Price: 7950/-

Colors: Grey


Sunrise Kiss Set of 2 Underwear 

Sunrise Kiss Set, when you wear Beautiful Underwear you feel good about yourself and everything that is happening around. Floraison Intimate have introduced gorgeous bundles of lacy and net underwears with bow details and strips. It’s sultry soft lace undies with cute bow and other intricate details It gives medium coverage with cotton lined crotch.

Sizes Available: S-M, L & XL

Price: 2500/-

Colors: Red



Sunset Kiss Set of 3 Underwear 

When it's Valentines Day and you know black & red have a great combination, then why do we need to wait? Fill your cart with Floraison Intimate all time favorite sheer net underwear with scallops lace finishing and different design with cotton lined crotch available in a bundle of 3 at the most reasonable price . Quality and comfort packed in a style for you.

Sizes Available: S-M, L & XL

Price: 3000/-

Colors: Black


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