A Good Bra Is Worth The Investment

In today’s world, it’s not hard to understand why we see lingerie as a luxury reserved for special occasions, rather than an everyday necessity that provides us with maximum support and comfort. Here at FLORAISON however, we firmly believe every woman deserves to own a collection of both special lingerie in Pakistan and everyday cotton bras that allow us, women, to go out there and conquer the world!

1. A good bra is the foundation to any amazing outfit
Despite a big taboo attached to bras in Pakistan, it’s true that most people won’t actually see your bra, but the thing is, it changes the way your clothes fit you – and everyone can see that. Whilst most people will not be able to appreciate the beauty of the bra you are wearing, a good bra will correct your posture, streamline your figure, accentuate your waist and provide you with the necessary support to always look your best.

2. Go to the gym, but a great bra helps too!
It’s no secret that the right plus size bras can help you look 10 pounds slimmer. A properly fitted lace bra or cotton t shirt bra that supports your breasts will straighten your upper back and make you stand taller. With straightened shoulders and a more upright posture, your core muscles will be activated to make your tummy area flatter!

3.Correct size is everything.

Size matters - not your breast size but the correct size of the bra you are wearing. Bad fit will always cause backaches, shoulder pain, rashes and it's also bad for your breast tissues. Floraison Intimate ,the best women undergarments brand in Pakistan is providing virtual and online fittings to help the women understand their correct lingerie sizes.

5. Comfort is a necessity, not a luxury
Finally, here at Floraison, we truly believe that every woman deserves to experience every day in maximum comfort. Taking the time to try on lingerie and find your perfect fit isn’t about attempting to impress anyone, but rather it is a commitment to your own self-care. Our bodies do so much for us each day; if we are going to nourish it by eating well, strengthen it by exercising frequently, why shouldn’t we also take care of our breasts by wearing the right bra size? While it's difficult to find a lot of plus size bras in Pakistan, women tend to compromise over sizes to get beautiful lingerie. Floraison brings you all sizes from petite to plus size 32A till 44H.

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